Entry Test MCQ :: Macromolecules

1.  Polymers described as large molecules built up from small repeating units called
A. Biopolymers B. Dimers
C. Monomers D. metamers

2.  A polymer in which three different monomers combine called.
A. Copolymer B. Terpolymer
C. Homopolymer D. Biopolymer

3.  The important monomers of acryclic resins is
A. Vinyl chloride B. Styrene
C. Methylmethacrylate D. Hexamethylenediamine

4.  Polyester resins are the product of the reaction of
A. Dihydric alcohol and dicarboxylic aromatic acids B. Polyamines with aliphatic dicarboxylic acids
C. Styrene in the presence of catalyst D. Epichlorohydrin with diphenylol propane

5.  Industrial materials and thermal power stations are coated with
A. Polyester resins B. Epoxy paints
C. Polyamide resins D. Polyvinyl chloride

6.  Carbohydrates are polyhydroxy compounds of
A. Glucose B. Glyceraldehydes
C. Oligosaccharides D. Aldehydes and ketones

7.  Common example of carbohydrates are
A. Cellulose glycogen galactose B. Glyceraldehydes glucose peptone
C. Glycerol phospho lipids collagen D. Legumin amylopectin albumin

8.  Nylon is obtained by heating
A. Acrylic acid B. Epichlorohydrin
C. Vinyl chloride D. Adipic acid with hexamethylene diamine

9.  Hydrolysis of an oligosaccharide in the presence of acid yields
A. one monosaccharide unit B. No monosaccharide unit
C. 2-9 monosaccharide unit D. many monosaccharide

10.  Amylose is
A. Soluble in water B. Insoluble in water
C. Soluble in alcohol D. Partially soluble in alcohol

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