Entry Test MCQ :: Group VA and VIA Elements

1.  Which of the following is different with respect to physical appearance?
A. Arsenic B. Phosphorus
C. Antimony D. Bismuth

2.  Which one of the followings possesses melting point below 0?C?
A. Nitrogen B. Phosphorus
C. Carbon D. Bismuth

3.  Compounds of nitrogen and phosphorus are mostly
A. ionic B. covalent
C. polar D. all varieties are possible

4.  The most electronegative element among the following is
A. Sb B. N
C. As D. P

5.  SO3 is not absorbed in water directly because
A. Reaction is exothermic B. It is insoluble in water
C. Dilute acid is produced D. All of above

6.  Phosphene gas will be produced if phosphorous acid is subjected to
A. Oxidation B. Reduction
C. Decomposition D. Both b & c

7.  Which of the following will give phosphoric acid one reaction with water
A. PCI5 B. P2O3
C. P2O5 D. All of the above

8.  Which one of following is not a property of pure quartz?
A. Coloured solid B. Brittle
C. Hard D. All of above

9.  Phosphorus is a Greek word and it means
A. Light bearing B. Fire
C. Impure D. Tetrahedral

10.  Which of the following does not contain phosphorus?
A. Yolk of egg B. Bone
C. Nerves D. Steel

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