Entry Test MCQ :: Group III A and IVA Elements

1.  Boron is non-netal whereas A1 is metal. It is due to
A. Small size B. High nuclear charge
C. Both a and b D. No authorized justification yet

2.  Boron in soil has been considered micronutrient for
A. Soil porocity B. Proper growth of plants
C. Alkalinity of soil D. All

3.  One of the outstanding features of boron is its ability to form
A. Molecular addition compounds B. Molecular crystals
C. Semiconductors D. Ionic compounds

4.  Substance which is found in dried up lakes of Tibet and California is
A. Tincal B. Boric acid
C. Calcium carbonate D. Colemanite

5.  Borax is a white crystalline solid and it is
A. More soluble in cold water B. More soluble in hot water
C. Insoluble in water D. Soluble only in organic solvents

6.  Which of the following does not give Borax bead test?
A. Cu B. Cr
C. Ni D. A1

7.  Special features of borate glass is that it is
A. Heat resistant B. Low melting
C. Used to prepare chemical garden D. Green in colour

8.  The metal which is used in thermite process because of its activity is
A. iron B. copper
C. aluminium D. zinc

9.  Aluminium oxide is
A. Acidic oxide B. Basic oxide
C. Amphoteric oxide D. It does not exists

10.  Which of the following shows inert pair effect?
A. boron B. carbon
C. silicon D. tin

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