Entry Test MCQ :: Experimental Techniques

1.  Which of the following technique is used for the separation of insoluble particles from liquids?
A. Filtration B. Crystallization
C. Solvent extraction D. Chromatography

2.  Which of the following way in used for classification of chromatography?
A. Shape B. Phase
C. Mechanism D. All

3.  Fluted filter paper is used to
A. Filter hot solution B. Avoid premature crystallization
C. Increase the rate of filtration D. Decrease the area

4.  Safe and the most reliable method of drying crystals is through
A. Filter paper B. Vacuum desiccators
C. Oven D. None of these

5.  A substance having very high vapour pressure at its melting point on heating will show
A. Melting B. Sublimation
C. Decomposition D. Condensation

6.  A process controlled by Distributive law is
A. Crystallization B. Sublimation
C. Solvent extraction D. Filtration

7.  A technique of partition chromatography in which the solvent is in a pool at the bottom of container
A. Adsorption chromatography B. Ascending chromatography
C. Radial chromatography D. Descending chromatography

8.  Different components of a mixture have different Rf values due to
A. Polar solvent used B. Combination of solvents used
C. Their different distribution coefficients in the solvent D. Distributive law

9.  Branch of chemistry that deals with the complete qualitative and quantitative analysis of a substance is
A. Stoichio chemistry B. Physical chemistry
C. Analytical chemistry D. Quantum chemistry

10.  Identification of the components of a sample is
A. Quantitative analysis B. Qualitative analysis
C. Stoichiometry D. Physical chemistry

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