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1.  Isotopes differs in
A. arrangement of electrons in orbitals B. position in the periodic table
C. properties depend upon mass D. chemical properties

2.  The mass of one mole of electron is
A. 1.008 B. 0.55
C. 0.184 D. 1.637

3.  The volume occupied by 1.4g CO at S.T.P is
A. 22.4 dm3 B. 2.24 dm3
C. 1.12 cm3 D. 1.12 dm3

4.  The number of atoms in a molecule determines
A. macromolecule B. macromolecule
C. molecularity D. atomicity

5.  Which of the following set has all species isoelectronic
A. F - Cl - Br B. Li+1 - Na+1 - K+1
C. F - Ne - Na+ D. H+ - H- - H

6.  Which element has same isotopes like palladium
A. Nickel B. Calcium
C. Cadmium D. Tin

7.  Water absorber used in combustion analysis is
A. 50% KOH B. Lime water
C. CaCl2 D. Mg (CIO4)2

8.  A limiting reactant is one which
A. is taken in lesser quantity in grams as compared to other reactants B. is taken in lesser quantity in volume as compared to other reactants
C. gives the maximum amount of the product which is required D. gives the minimum amount of the product under consideration

9.  The type of filtering media used for filtration depending upon
A. Nature of reactants B. Nature of crucible
C. Nature of product D. Nature of precipitate

10.  A safe and more reliable method for drying the crystal is
A. Hot air currents B. folds of filter paper
C. oven D. Vacuum desiccator

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