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1.  The fertility of the soil is improved by
A. Rotation of the crops B. Adding lime to the acid salts
C. Adding manure and growing legumes D. All

2.  Which of the following is incorrect statement about nitrogen importance?
A. It enhances plant growth B. It is involved in the synthesis of protein and nucleic acids
C. it accelerates fruits and flowers growth D. It is involved in the chlorophyll synthesis

3.  The fertilizers which provide single nutrient from NPK are called ______ fertilizer.
A. straight B. compound
C. both a and b D. none of the above

4.  Which of the following is macronutrient?
A. Cu B. Cl
C. H D. Zn

5.  Addition of urea to the soil is _________ reaction.
A. endothermic B. exothermic
C. both a and b D. no heat energy is involved

6.  Which of the following is the most suitable catalyst for ammonia synthesis?
A. Pt B. ZnO + Cr2O3
C. Fe in fused mixture of Al2O3 + SiQ2 + MgO D. All of the above

7.  The cooling of molten urea by air in the tower is called
A. prilling B. evaporation
C. condensation D. crystallization

8.  Which of the following fertilizers is not useful for paddy rice?
A. urea B. DAP
C. Ammonium sulphate D. Ammonium nitrate

9.  DAP (Diammonium hydrogen phosphate) contains _________ plant nutrients.
A. 60% B. 65%
C. 70% D. 75%

10.  Which of the following potassium fertilizers are more useful for horticultural crops tobacco & potatoes?
C. K2SO4 D. KMnO4

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