Entry Test MCQ :: Chemical Equilibrium

1.  The pH of 10-3 mol dm-3 of an aqueous solution of H2SO4 is
A. 3 B. 2.7
C. 2 D. 1.5

2.  Kc value has
A. No units B. Units
C. Both a & b D. None

3.  If a buffer solution of higher pH than seven is to be made we use
A. Strong acid and strong base B. Weak acid and strong base
C. Weak acid and strong base D. Weak acid and its salt with strong base

4.  Sodium benzoate and benzoic acid are mixed in equimolar ration to form buffer if pKa is 2 what will be the pH?
A. 0 B. 1
C. 2 D. any one

5.  AgCl dissolved with conc (2x10-2) Ksp will be
A. 3.6 x 10-6 B. 3.6 x 10-5
C. 7.2 x 10-6 D. 4 x 10-4

6.  In which of the following equilibria will Kc and Kp have the same value?
A. PCI5 = PCI3 + Cl2 B. N2 + 3H2 = 2NH
C. 2CO + O2 = CO2 D. N2 + O2 = 2NO

7.  Which of the following will not change the concentration of ammonia at the equilibrium ?
A. Increase of pressure B. Increase of volume
C. Addition of catalyst D. Decrease of temperature

8.  pH of an aqueous solution is 5.5. The hydroxyl ion conc. In the solution would be
A. ?5.5 B. ?8.5
C. 10-8.5 D. 10

9.  For a reaction involving only gases at 25?C the equilibrium constant can be expressed in terms of molarity Ke or partial pressure Kp. Which is true about the numerical value of Kp?
A. Kc is generally greaer than Kp B. Kc is generally less than Kp
C. Kc is generally equal to Kp D. Kc is equal to Kp if the total moles of reactants and products are equal

10.  Which of following is not a base
C. PH3 D. BF3

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