Entry Test MCQ :: Atomic Structure

1.  All of the following were theorized by Bohr in his description of the atom except
A. Angular momentum of electrons in multiples of h/2? B. Electrons revolve in discrete circular orbits
C. Energy of each electron is directly proportional to n2 D. Electrons radiate energy continuously in a given orbit.

2.  The letters s p d and f are used to represent which quantum numbers
A. Principal B. Azimuthal
C. Magnetic D. Spin

3.  The magnetic quantum number (QN) has its values determined directly by the value of
A. Principal (QN) B. Azimuthal (QN)
C. Spin (QN) D. Both a & b

4.  The atomic number of an element having maximum number of unpaired electrons in p-subshell is
A. 7 B. 10
C. 12 D. 16

5.  The maximum number of electron in a sub shell with ? = 3fs
A. 6 B. 10
C. 14 D. 18

6.  Radius of the third shell of H-atom is
A. 5.761 A? B. 4.761 A?
C. 6.671 A? D. 3.716 A?

7.  When an atom absorbs energy the lines in the spectrum will appear which are
A. Brighter B. Darker
C. Colourless D. Hard to locate

8.  Colour of fluorescene produced by cathode rays depends upon
A. Temperature B. Pressure
C. Volume D. Composition of glass

9.  Which one is not true about cathode rays?
A. 9.11x10-31 Kg B. Cast shadow
C. Heat up the platinum foil D. Cannot ionize

10.  Positive rays are produced
A. By burning of gas B. By cooling of the gas
C. By the bombardment of cathode rays on gas molecules D. From anode like cathode rays produced from cathode

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