Entry Test MCQ :: Aromatic Hydrocarbons

1.  The molecular formula of toluene is
A. C7H7 B. C7H8
C. C8H8 D. C8H7

2.  In benzene sulphonic acid the sulphonic group is attached with benzene ring through
A. Hydrogen B. Oxygen
C. Sulphur D. ?OH

3.  Phenanthrene is a fused polycyclic compound contains ______ benzene rings
A. Two B. Three
C. Four D. Five

4.  Aniline is a derivative of benzene which contains
A. Imino group B. Amino group
C. Amide group D. Nitro group

5.  How many ? electrons are there in benzene to form delocalized electronic cloud
A. 3 B. 4
C. 6 D. 8

6.  Nitration of chlorobenzene gives
A. o - chloronitrobenzene B. p - chloronitrobenzene
C. m - chloronitrobenzene D. a & b

7.  When two or more different substituents are attached with a benzene ring the number 1 position in the ring is given to a high priority group. Which one of the following groups has highest - priority?
A. ?NH2 B. ?CHO

8.  When benzene is substituted by halogens only which one of the following halogens only which one of the following halogens is given the number one position in the ring while writing the name of compound?
A. Bromine B. Chlorine
C. Fluorine D. Iodine

9.  Which one of the following is not a meta directing group?
A. ?CN B. ?OH

10.  Which pair of groups contains both ortho & para directing groups
A. ?OH ?RCO B. ?NR3 ?CN
C. ?OCH3 ?CHO D. ?N (CH3)2 -NH2

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