Entry Test MCQ :: Alkyl Halides

1.  What will be the products when reactants are alcohol & thionyl chloride in the presence of pyridine?
A. RC?+S+HC? B. RC?+SO2+HC?
C. RC?+SO2+H2O D. RC?+S+H2O

2.  Which C-X bond has the highest bond energy per mole?
A. C-F B. C-C?
C. C-Br D. C-I

3.  Which alkyl halide has the highest reactivity for a particular alkyl group?
A. R-F B. R-C?
C. R-Br D. R-I

4.  Ethyl chloride with nascent hydrogen produces
A. methane B. ethane
C. propane D. butane

5.  Which one is not a nucleophile?
A. C2H5O- B. SCN-
C. NH3 D. H3C+

6.  The number of molecules taking part in the rate determining step is called
A. Order of reaction B. Rate of reaction
C. Mole of a reaction D. Extent of a reaction

7.  During SN2 mechanism carbon atom changes its state of hybridization as
A. sp?sp2 B. sp2?sp3
C. sp3?sp D. sp3?sp2

8.  What will be the order of reaction of a reaction whose rate can be expressed as R = K [A] [B]?
A. Zero B. One
C. Two D. Three

9.  Which one among the following is not a good leaving group?
A. HSO4 B. C?-
C. OH- D. Br-

10.  What is the order of kinetics in the SN1 mechanism?
A. Zero B. First
C. Second D. Third

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