Entry Test MCQ :: Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

1.  Alkanes containing a methyl group on main chain at 2nd carbon are called
A. iso-alkane B. normal-alkane
C. neo-alkane D. branched-alkane

2.  When one hydrogen atom of alkane is removed then it is called
A. alkene B. alkyl
C. aldehyde D. saturated hydrocarbon

3.  Alkanes are also known as
A. saturated hydrocarbon B. unsaturated hydrocarbon
C. paraffins D. both a & c

4.  Sabatier Senderns reaction involve _________ in presence of Ni
A. Aalkene & H2 B. alkene & O2
C. alkene & N2 D. alkyne & Cl2

5.  Hydrogenolysis results in the formation of
A. alkane B. alkene
C. alkyne D. aldehydes

6.  Clemmensens reduction infolves the reduction of
A. ketone B. aldehyde
C. alkane D. all of the above

7.  Removal of CO2 is called
A. carboxylation B. decarboxylation
C. esterification D. hydroxylation

8.  Soda lime is a mixture of
A. CaO and KOH B. CaO and NaOH
C. NaOH and Na2O D. Na2O and KOH

9.  Molozonide is unstable and changes into ozonide on
A. reduction B. oxidation
C. hydrolysis D. rearrangement

10.  Dehalogenation of ethyl tetrahalide will give
A. ethene B. ethyne
C. ethyl halide D. all of the above are possible

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