Entry Test MCQ :: Transport

1.  There are _______ types of nutrients needed by plants besides light to carry out photosynthesis
A. Two B. Three
C. Four D. Five

2.  The site/s where most of the uptake of water and minerals take place is/are
A. Root hairs B. Root cells
C. Underground stem D. All of these

3.  The uptake of water in plants involves
A. Active transport B. Passive transport
C. Both of these D. None of these

4.  The membrane of vacuoles is known as
A. Vacuoloplast B. Tonoplast
C. Tanoplast D. All of these

5.  The diffusion of ions along with water also takes place by mass flow system along the ______ path
A. Tonoplast B. Apoplast
C. Symplast D. Vacuolar

6.  Active transport is dependent on
A. Photosynthesis B. Respiration
C. Photophosporylation D. None of these

7.  In plants, the neighbouring cells are connected with one another by.
A. Plasmodesmata B. Cell walls
C. Vacuoles D. Both 'a' & 'b'

8.  In the root cells _______ pathway becomes discontinuous in the endodermis due to the presence of casparian strip.
A. Tonoplast B. Apoplast
C. Symplast D. Vacuolar.

9.  Cytoplasmic strands that extend through pores in adjacent cell walls are known as
A. Pseudopods B. Symplasts
C. Plasmodesmata D. Pili

10.  In plants, water potential is determined by major factors.
A. Three B. Four
C. Two D. Five

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