Entry Test MCQ :: The Variety of Life

1.  So far over _____ number of species of animals are known:
A. million B. 1 million
C. 1 D. 2 million

2.  Which of the following category is most general with its members lest resembling with each other than the other categries:
A. Species B. Genus
C. Family D. Order

3.  Solanum tuberosum is a scientific name of:
A. Onion B. Amaltas
C. Potato D. Tomato

4.  Allium cepa is the scientific name of :
A. Onion B. Amaltas
C. Potato D. Tomato

5.  Those organisms which can prepare their own food from simple inorganic material and can store energy are called
A. Autotrophs B. Heterotrophs
C. Procariotique D. Eu-cariotique

6.  Which of the Euglenas (a Protoctista) character resembles that of animals:
A. They can move B. They lack cell wall
C. They do not have chlorophyll D. Both a and b

7.  The word which E-Chatton suggested for bacteria and blue green algae was:
A. Autotrophs B. Heterotrophs
C. Pro-cariotique D. Eu-cariotique

8.  Organisms of which of the following kingdom have absorptive mode of nutrition:
A. Prokaryotae B. Protoctista
C. Animalia D. Fungi

9.  Which of the following organisms have Chitin as a major structural component of their cell wall:
A. Prokaryotae B. Protoctista
C. Plantae D. Fungi

10.  Five kingdom classification was proposed by :
A. Carlous Linnaeus B. E-Chatton
C. Robert Whittaker D. Lynn Margulis and Karlene Schwartz

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