Entry Test MCQ :: The Cell

1.  Who coined the term CELL?
A. Schwann B. Schleiden
C. Robert Hook D. Both a and b

2.  Who opposed the idea the cell is an empty space bounded by thick wall?
A. Lorenz Oken B. Schwann
C. Robert Brown D. Rudolph Virchow

3.  Who first observed and thus hypothesized that new cells are formed from previously existing living cell?
A. Theodor Schwann and Schleiden B. Rudolph Virchows
C. Louis Pasteur D. Both b and c

4.  Resolution power of a compound microscope is
A. 2.0 ?m B. 2-4 A
C. 24 ?m D. 24 A

5.  Magnifying power of electron microscope as compared to eye is
A. 500 X B. 250000X
C. 500000X D. 250X

6.  In cell fractionation various components of cells including its organelles can be isolated in different layers depending upon:
A. Their physical properties like size & weight. B. Physical properties of the medium like its density.
C. Their electrical properties like their charges D. Both a and b

7.  Percentage of proteins in cell membrane is
A. 20-40% B. 40-50%
C. 60-80% D. 80-100%

8.  Which of the statement about cell membrane is not true?
A. It contains protein molecules embedded in lipid bilayer B. It is a differentially permeable membrane.
C. It contains charged pores thus ions being charged particles cross cell membrance much easier than neutral particles. D. It may get infolded to engulf solid or liquid material.

9.  Movement of the material across the cell membrane which does not requiring expenditure of metabolic energy is called
A. Active transport B. Passive transport
C. Co-transport D. Counter transport

10.  The first layer of cell wall which is formed is:
A. Primary wall B. Secondary wall
C. Middle lamella D. All of these

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