Entry Test MCQ :: Support and Movement

1.  Which of the following plays the major role in providing support to young herbaceous parts of the plant:
A. Living cells of epidermis with higher turgor pressure. B. Living cells of cortex and pith with higher turgor pressure.
C. Collenchyma cells D. All of these

2.  Higher turgor pressure in a plant cell is maintained by:
A. Large number of vacoules in a plant cell. B. Higher ionic concentration inside vacuoles resulting from active pumping of ions at their tonoplastic membrane
C. Higher osmotic pressure of the cell vacuole D. both b and c

3.  Secondary cell wall of sclerenchyma cells is impregnated with
A. Cellulose. B. Peptidoglycan and murein.
C. Lignin. D. Pectin.

4.  Among the followings which is the most longest supportive cell?
A. Tracheids. B. Sclereids.
C. Trachea. D. Collenchyma cells

5.  An increrase in plant girth due to activity of _____ is called secondary growth.
A. Cork cambium B. Pith.
C. Vascular cambium. D. Both a and c

6.  Vascular Cambium initially appears as actively dividing cells between:
A. Primary Xylem and secondary xylem. B. Primary xylem and secondary phloem.
C. Primary xylem and primary phloem D. Secondary xylem and secondary phloem.

7.  Sperms of liverworts, mosses, ferns move towards archegonia, in response to uncleic acid released by the ovum. This is an example of:
A. Chemotropic movement B. Chemotactic movement.
C. Chemosastic movement D. Haptonastic movement.

8.  The place of attachment of leaf with the shoot is called:
A. Pith. B. Pit.
C. Pulvinus. D. Ecdysone.

9.  Rapid movement of leaves of mimosa on touching is an example of :
A. Turgor movement B. Nastic movement
C. Tropic movements. D. Growth movement

10.  Roots of a plant show
A. Positive phototropism and negative geotropism. B. Negative phototropism and positive geotropism.
C. Negative tactic movement and positive tropic movement. D. Positive geotropism of stem and roots

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