Entry Test MCQ :: Nutrition

1.  Carbohydrates, fats & proteins are essential for:
A. Metabolic processes of an organism B. Providing energy
C. Formation of sturctures D. All of these

2.  Magnesium is present in which of the following?
A. Cytochromes B. ATP
C. Chlorophyll D. Haemoglobin

3.  Deficiency of which of the following causes chlorosis?
A. Nitrogen B. Magnesium
C. Iron D. Both A and B

4.  Deficiency of K+ causes:
A. Stunted growth & strong chlorosis B. No electron transport chains
C. Premature death of leaves. D. Stunted growth of roots.

5.  Puccinia is a parasitic:
A. Plant B. Fungus
C. Animal D. Algae

6.  Autotrophic organisms can exist in an exclusively ______ environment.
A. Organic B. Inorganic
C. Wet D. Terrestrial

7.  Strong chlorosis is due to the deficiency of _____ in plants.
A. Magnesium B. Nitrogen
C. Potassium D. Phosphorus

8.  Stunted growth of roots is due to the deficiency of _____ in plants
A. Potassium B. Magnesium
C. Phosphorus D. Iron.

9.  Puccinia commonly destroys
A. Corn B. Tomato
C. Dodder D. Wheat

10.  Nodules on roots of leguminous plants have _____ bacteria
A. Anaerobic B. Nitrogen fixing
C. Nitrifying D. Ammonifying

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