1.  Unbroken series of organisms arranged from ancestor to descendant sequence is
A. Biodiversity B. Phyletic lineage
C. Connecting link D. Evolutionary line

2.  Out of total organisms on earth, ______ are vascular plants
A. 53.10% B. 19.90%
C. 17.60% D. 9.40%

3.  Control of organisms by using living organisms is called
A. Bioremediation B. Integrated disease management
C. Antisepsis D. Biological control

4.  Branch of biology which deals with the study of chemical components and chemical processes in living organisms is called
A. Molecular biology B. Physiology
C. Biochemistry D. Atomic biology

5.  _______ is the potential surce of chemical energy for cellular activities
A. C-H bond B. C-O bond
C. C-N bond D. P-O-C bond

6.  Percentage of water in brain cells is
A. 20% B. 65%
C. 85% D. 89%

7.  Breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones utilizing water molecules is
A. Hydration B. Hydrolysis
C. Dehydration synthesis D. Electrolysis

8.  A chemical substance that reacts with enzyme but is not transformed into product and thus blocking active site is called
A. Substrate B. Co-factor
C. Inhibitor D. Promotor

9.  Intake of liquid material by cell membrane is called
A. Endocytosis B. Exocytosis
C. Phagocytosis D. Pinocytosis

10.  Ribosomes were discovered by
A. Golgi B. De Duve
C. Palade D. R.Brown

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