Entry Test MCQ :: Man and His Environment

1.  Which one is a non-renewable resource?
A. Wild life B. Forests
C. Natural gas D. Land

2.  Process that supplies food to living things through decaying and decomposition is called
A. Food cycle B. Nutrient cycle
C. Dead-live cycle D. None of these

3.  Balance in the nutrient cycle can be upset when
A. Too much food is consumed B. Not enough food is produced
C. Decayed nutrients are not returned to the ground D. All of these

4.  In air nitrogen is
A. 57% B. 20%
C. 79% D. 30%

5.  In air % of oxygen and carbon dioxide is
A. Oxygen 20%, CO2 0.03% B. Oxygen 50%, CO2 50%
C. Oxygen 30%, CO2 0.05% D. Oxygen 25%, CO2 0.02%

6.  Water constitutes --% of body weight?
A. 25-30% B. 70-90%
C. 10-30% D. 30-50%

7.  Which statement is true?
A. 20% of total water is in the form of frozen ice caps B. 80% is in oceans
C. 1% as fresh water lakes, streams and rivers D. 10% is in canals

8.  Total area of the world under cultivation is
A. 5% B. 11%
C. 21% D. 31%

9.  Wild life refers to
A. All plants of the world B. All non cultivated plants
C. Non domesticated animals D. Both b and c

10.  Endangered species are
A. Dangerous for the life of humans B. Reduced in number
C. Already extinct D. All of these

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