Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Protista

1.  Which of the following statement about Kingdom Protista is incorrect?
A. Their members have characteristics which separate them from other kingdoms B. They only include unicellular aquatic eukaryotic organisms.
C. They do not develop from Blastula or embryo. D. They contain ancestors for fungi plants & animals

2.  Who first separated bacteria from other protists as a group?
A. John Hogg B. Ernst Haeckel
C. Margulis and Schwartz D. Herbert Copeland

3.  Which of the protozoa has a striking resemblance to collar cells in sponges?
A. Zooflagellates B. Choanflagellates
C. Trypanosomoa D. Trichonymphas

4.  Radiolarians belong to which of the following protozoal group?
A. Zooflagellates B. Actinopods
C. Foraminifera D. Apicomplexans

5.  Which of the following statement about eiliates in incorrect?
A. Contain mainly unicellular organisms. B. Their contractile vacoule is respobsible for water regulation.
C. They are even capable of sexual reproduction. D. Diploid nucleus being smaller is responsible for cells metabolism and growth while polyploidy nucleus functions in sexual process.

6.  Lime stone deposits are formed from
A. Zooflagellates B. Foraminferans
C. Aetinopods D. Apicomplexans

7.  Plasmodium belongs to
A. Ciliates B. Apicomplexans
C. Actinopods D. Foraminferans

8.  Kingdom protista includes ______ phyla
A. 27 B. 28
C. 26 D. 29

9.  Stentor is a/an
A. Ciliate B. Foraniniferan
C. Actinopods D. Apicomplexan

10.  Complex specialized flagellates living symbiotically in the gut of termites are
A. Trichonymphas B. Trypanosoma
C. Euglena D. Radiolarians

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