Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Plantae

1.  Which of the following statement about plants is incorrect?
A. All are eukaryotes B. They are multicellular.
C. Non-motile organisms D. Are heterotrophes

2.  Bryophtes are called amphiabians of plant world because
A. Bryophytes like amphibian ancestors are one of the most primitive organisms in this world. B. Bryophytes like amphibian live in damp shady places and close to water body.
C. Amphibians have close relation with bryophytes in their habitat. D. All of these

3.  Hornwarts are included in sub-class
A. Anthoceropsida B. Bryopsida
C. Hepaticopsida D. Psilopsida

4.  Horsetails are included in class
A. Sphenopeida B. Lycopsida
C. Psilopsida D. Pteropsida

5.  Antheridia and archegonia are born on _____ in bryophytes
A. Sporophyte B. Gametophyte
C. Both of these D. None of these

6.  In bryophytes fertilization takes place in
A. Antheridia B. Archegonia
C. water D. Ovule

7.  Which of the following statement about alternation of generation in bryophytes is incorrect?
A. It involves alternation of morphologically different generations B. Their gametophyte is independent while sporophyte depends upon gametophyte for nutrition.
C. Both the gametophyte and sporophytes are haploid generations thus can produce haploids gametes to continue the diploid number on fertilization D. Spore formation occurs through meiosis

8.  Antherozoids the male gamete in bryophytes are attracted towards Archegonium i.e. female sex organ by
A. Phototactic phenomenon B. Chemotactic phenomenon
C. Geotropic phenomenon D. Chemotropic movement

9.  Which of the following of bryophytes are the simplest one?
A. Porella B. Funaria
C. Anthocerus D. Polytrichum

10.  The zygote formed in liverworts is
A. Unicellular B. Mulicellular
C. Multinucleate D. None of these

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