Entry Test MCQ :: Kingdom Monera

1.  The word Archaeobacteria (a division of bacteria) derived from Greek means
A. True bacteria B. False bacteria
C. Recent bacteria D. Ancient bacteria

2.  Who coined the term Animalcules for microorganisms like Bacteria and protozoa?
A. Robert Koch B. Louis Pasteur
C. Alexander Fleming D. Leeuwenhoek

3.  Who discovered the bacteria causing tuberculosis and also developed various techniques of media preparation and maintenance of pure culture?
A. Robert Koch B. Louis Pasteur
C. Alexander Fleming D. Leeuwenhoek

4.  Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding germ theory of diseases postulated by Robert Koch?
A. A specific organism can always be found in association with a given disease B. The organism can be isolated and grown in pure culture in the laboratories
C. The pure culture cannot produce the disease when inoculated into susceptible animal however the causative organism isolated from pure culture can do so. D. It is possible to recover the organism in pure culture from the experimentally infected animals.

5.  Which of the following structure is not present in all the bacteria?
A. Cell membrane B. Chromatin bodies
C. Ribosomes D. Capsule

6.  The size of Spirochete is
A. 0.1 -600 um B. 100-200 nm
C. 500 um D. 0.75-1.25 um

7.  E. coli and example of entrobacteriace is important for causing diarrheal diseases its size is:
A. 0.1-600 um B. 100-200 nm
C. 1.1-1.5 um (width) 2.0-6.0 um (length) D. 0.75-1.25 um

8.  In bacterial categories the bacteria smaller in number are
A. Gram-ive bacteria B. Eubacteria
C. Ancient bacteria D. Gram +ive bacteria

9.  Germ theory of disease has ______ postulates
A. 3 B. 5
C. 4 D. 6

10.  Some bacteria ranging occasionally a size of 500 ?m in length are
A. Escherichia coli B. Spirochetes
C. Mycoplasma D. Epulopiscuim

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