Entry Test MCQ :: Homeostasis

11.  Which of the following marine fishes are considered direct descendents of fresh water ancestors?
A. Hagfish B. Jelly Fish
C. Star Fish D. Bony fishes

12.  Which of the following fishes excrete large volume of diluted urine?
A. Bony Marine fishes B. Fresh water fishes
C. Both depending upon the surrounding water D. None of these

13.  Terrestrial animals like kangaroo rat survive even without drinking water since
A. They don't require water for their metabolic process B. They can retain excessive water in their body during raining season.
C. They feed on carbohydrate rich seeds which can provide them with metabolic water D. They are anhydrobiotic organisms

14.  The characteristic which enable animals to tolerate dehydration is called
A. Osmoconformation B. Osmoregulaton
C. Anhydrobiosis D. Anhydrosis

15.  Which excretory product in produced in plants during autotrophic mode of life?
A. CO2 B. H2O
C. O2 D. Both A and B

16.  In plants which of the following is a waste product produced both during photosynthesis and respiration
A. CO2 B. H2O
C. O2 D. Both A and B

17.  Which of the following structure in plant's body is called excretophores?
A. Stem B. Leaves
C. Flowers D. Roots

18.  Which of the following statement about conifers is correct?
A. Stored excretory products in vacuoles, at a concentration that leads to crystal formation. B. Accumulate waste in leaves, which fall in autumn.
C. Production of black wood in the center. D. Excrete some of the waste materials directly into soil, occasionally using them as a chemical weapon against other competing plants.

19.  In animals excess of nitrogen is excreted primarily in form of
A. Creatinine B. Trimethyamine oxide
C. Pyrimidine D. Ammonia

20.  Purine and pyrimidine catabolism results in production of
A. Creatinine B. Trimethyamine oxide
C. Xanthine D. None of these

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