Entry Test MCQ :: Gaseous Exchange

1.  _________ respiration is directly involved in the production of energy, necessary for all living activities.
A. Organismic B. Cellular
C. Both of these D. None of these

2.  ______ respiration is the process by which cell utilized oxygen and produces CO2
A. Cellular B. Organismic
C. Both of these D. None of these

3.  Of the following, which one is better respiratory medium.
A. Air B. Water
C. Soil D. None of these

4.  Oxygen contents per liter of air is
A. 10 ml B. 100 ml
C. 200 ml D. 100ml

5.  Water is _____ times viscous than air
A. 50 B. 1000
C. 5000 D. 8000

6.  There are ______ stomata per square cm of leaf surface in Tobacco plants.
A. 1200 B. 12000
C. 100,000 D. 1000

7.  The air spaces may comprise upto ______ of total volume of leaf surface.
A. 30% B. 20%
C. 40% D. 50%

8.  The glycolate produced diffuses into the membrane bounded organelles called
A. Glyoxisomes B. Peroxisomes
C. Lysosomes D. Mitochondria

9.  Active site of Rubisco is evolved to bind
A. CO2 B. O2
C. Both of these D. H2O

10.  Number of spiracles present in cockroach is
A. 15 B. 10
C. 20 D. 30

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