Entry Test MCQ :: Ecosystem

1.  Study of relationship of organisms to their environment is
A. Ecology B. Palaentology
C. Geology D. None of these

2.  All populations within an ecosystem interconnected to one another are known as
A. Species B. Family
C. Community D. Biomes

3.  Major regional ecological community of plants and animals forms
A. Biosphere B. Biomass
C. Biomes D. Bioecosystem

4.  The actual location or place where an organism lives is
A. Environment B. Biosphere
C. Biomass D. Habitat

5.  The role a species plays in a community including behavior and influence is
A. Nichon B. Niche
C. Autecology D. Profession

6.  Study of a single population's relationship to its environment is called
A. Ecology B. Synecology
C. Autecology D. Niche

7.  The biosphere covers about
A. 8-10 km B. 5-10 km
C. 15-30 km D. 16-20 km

8.  Abiotic components include
A. Atmosphere B. Hydrosphere
C. Lithosphere D. All of these

9.  Which statement is true?
A. Producers are heterotrophic organisms B. Consumers are autotrophic organisms
C. Fungi and bacteria are decomposers D. Consumers release chemical elements as ions

10.  Sequence of changes in community and its non-living environment over a period of time is
A. Niche B. Succession
C. Alterations D. Neo-ecology

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