Entry Test MCQ :: Cell Cycle

1.  Period between two consecutive divisions is called
A. Interphase B. Resting phase
C. Mitotic phase D. Cell cycle

2.  DNA is synthesized and chromosome number is doubled in
A. G1 phase B. S phase
C. G2 phase D. G0 phase

3.  In case of neurons, post mitotic cell escapes cell cycle and remain in _______ phase whthout proliferating further
A. G0 phase B. G1 phase
C. G2 phase D. S phase

4.  Which statement is incorrect?
A. In human, cell cycle is about 24 hrs B. Mitosis takes 30 min
C. G2 5.5 hrs D. Yeast cell only 90 min

5.  Mitosis occurs in
A. Diploid cells only B. Haploid cells only
C. Both diploid and haploid cells D. Monoploid cells

6.  Microtubules are composed of
A. Action protein B. Actin and myosin proteins
C. Sphingomyelin and tubulin D. Tubulin protein and traces of RNA

7.  From each pair of centrioles ________ sets of microtubules originate
A. 2 B. 3
C. 4 D. 5

8.  Mitotic apparatus in animals is formed by
A. Aster and spindle B. Polar and kinetochore microtubules
C. Spindle and RNA D. Spindle only

9.  A special area of centromere with specific base arrangement and specific proteins where spindle fibers are attached is called
A. Chromatin B. Aster
C. Kinetochore D. Primary constriction

10.  Each kinetochore gets ________ fibers in mitosis
A. 5 B. 4
C. 3 D. 2

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