Entry Test MCQ :: Biotechnology

1.  Recombinant DNA contains DNA from
A. 2 different sources B. 3 different sources
C. 2 same sources D. 3 same sources

2.  First restriction enzyme was isolated by
A. Kary Mullis B. Hamilton O. Smith
C. Maxam Gilbert D. Hamilton John

3.  Commonly used restriction enzyme is
A. pSC 101 B. pBR 322
C. EcoRI D. All of these

4.  Natural extrachromosomal circular DNA molecules earrying genes for antibiotic resistance and fertility
A. Recombinant DNA B. Chimaeric DNA
C. Lambda phage D. Plasmids

5.  Which one has antibiotic resistance gene for tetracycline and ampicillin?
A. pSC 101 B. pBR 322
C. pCR 322 D. None of these

6.  The enzyme which seals the foreign DNA into the vector is
A. Restriction endonuclease B. DNA polymerase
C. DNA ligase D. DNA mutase

7.  Chimaeric DNA is also known as
A. Recombinant DNA B. Complementary DNA
C. Vector D. Plasmid

8.  Lambda phage is
A. Virus B. Bacterium
C. Plasmid D. Host cell

9.  A genomic library is a collection of
A. Bacterial clones B. Bacteriophage clones
C. Viral clones D. Both a and b

10.  A single stranded nucleotide sequence that will hybridize into a certain piece of DNA is
A. Primer B. Probe
C. Genome D. Both a & b

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