Entry Test MCQ :: Biological Molecules

71.  Glycolipids and glycoproteins have structural role in the _____ matrix of animal and bacterial cell
A. Extracellular B. Intracellular
C. Both of these D. Glucose

72.  The trioses which are intermediate in respiration and photosynthesis are
A. Glyceraldehydes B. Dihydroxy acetone
C. Both of these D. None of these

73.  Keto group is represented as

74.  The monosaccharide found in some bacteria and occurring rarely are
A. Trioses B. Hexoses
C. Tetroses D. Pentoses

75.  How many carbon atoms are required to form a furan ring (ribofuranose)
A. 3 B. 4
C. 5 D. 2

76.  In esterification OH comes from
A. Organic acid B. Alcohol
C. Water D. Sugar

77.  Triglyceride is also known as
A. Natural lipid B. Neutral lipid
C. Neutral wax D. All of these

78.  Which one is not found in fatty acids in acylglycerols?
A. C-6 B. C-25
C. C-26 D. C-30

79.  Animals fats are ___________ atroom temperature
A. Liquids B. Gases
C. Solids D. None of these

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