Entry Test MCQ :: Biological Molecules

61.  rRNA constitutes _____ % of the total cellular RNA.
A. 3-4 % B. 10-20%
C. 80% D. 90%

62.  There are mainly _______ types of tRNA
A. 170 B. 20
C. 25 D. 15

63.  Most of the cellular secretions are _____ in nature.
A. Glycolipids B. Glycoproteins
C. Nucleohistones D. Proteins

64.  Which conjegated molecules play important role in gene expression?
A. Glycolipids B. Glycoproteins
C. Nucleohistones D. None of these

65.  The survival of an animal depends upon its ability to take some from its environment
A. Chemicals B. Hydrocarbons
C. Organic molecules D. Inorganic molecules

66.  Interconversion of carbohydrates proteins and lipids in living cells are an example of
A. Coordinated catabolic activities B. Coordinated anabolic activities
C. Both A and B D. Any one

67.  Carbon commonly combines with
A. H B. N & O
C. P & S D. All of these

68.  Non polar organic molecules are _______ in water.
A. Soluble B. Insoluble
C. Partially soluble D. Depends upon condition

69.  In living organisms the lubricant which provides protection against damage resulting from friction is
A. Carbohydrates B. Fatty acid
C. Water D. Protein

70.  In Cx(H2O)y x ranges from
A. 1 to 3 thousand B. 3 to many thousand
C. 3 to 5 thousand D. 5 to 9 thousand

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