Entry Test MCQ :: Biological Molecules

31.  _________ is example of pure form of cellulose
A. Silk B. Wool
C. Cotton D. Paper

32.  Lipids are soluble in which of the following :
A. Water B. Ether
C. All solvents D. Not in any of the above

33.  Lipid molecules can store double amount of energy as compared to same amount of carbohydrate because of high number of
A. C-C bonds B. C-H bonds
C. C-N bonds D. C-O bonds

34.  A compound produced as a result of a chemical reaction of an alcohol with an acid in which water molecule is released is called:
A. Monosaccharide B. Fatty acid
C. Neutral lipid D. Nucleic acid

35.  Fatty acids containing 18 C atoms and a single double bond is
A. Saturated Fatty acid B. Unsaturated fatty acid
C. Oleic Acid D. Plamitic acid

36.  Which one the following fatty acid is more soluble in an organic solvent and has higher melting point?
A. Acetic acid B. Butyric acid
C. Palmitic acid D. All have same

37.  Which of the following statement is incorrect5 for fats containing unsaturated fatty acid?
A. They contain double bond B. They are usually solid at room temperature
C. They are lighter than water D. Their specific gravity is less than 1

38.  Animals obtain carbohydrates mainly from
A. Glucose B. Starch
C. Sucrose D. Glycogen

39.  Peptide bond is:
A. C-N link B. C- O lind
C. N-H link D. C-H link

40.  Chemical component/s less in eukaryotic cell as compared to prokaryotic cell is / are (i) lipids (ii) carbodydrates (iii) proteins (iv) DNA
A. i & ii B. iii & iv
C. i ii iii & iv D. iv only

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