Entry Test MCQ :: Bioenergetics

1.  Which of the following is a chemical link between catabolism and anabolism?
C. ATP D. All of these

2.  Photosynthesis is process in which ________ compounds of carbon (CO2) and hydrogen (H2O) are reduced to carbohydrate like (glucose) using light energy.
A. Organic B. Energy rich
C. Energy poor D. Reduced

3.  C6H12O6 + 6O2 ? 6CO2 + 6H20 + ENERGY represents:
A. Photosynthesis B. Aerobic respiration
C. Anaerobic respiration D. Respiration

4.  At which times there is no net gaseous exchange between leaves and the atmosphere.
A. Day time. B. Night time.
C. Dawn & Dusk. D. Mid night.

5.  Which of the following is a compensation point:
A. Leaves respire and utilize O2 and release CO2. B. Photosynthesis and respiration occur at same rate. So there is not net exchange of gases between atmosphere and plants.
C. Rate of photosynthesis increases, so do the O2 production, with a net release of oxygen coupled with the uptake of CO2. D. Rate of respiration becomes more than rate of photosynthesis.

6.  Quantitative study of energy relationships in biological systems obeys.
A. Bioenergetics B. Laws of thermodynamics
C. Laws of thermo chemistry D. Laws of chemical energetic

7.  The organisms able to use sunlight directly as a source of energy are
A. Plants B. Animals
C. Omnivores D. Fungi

8.  Of the following which one is not an energy releasing process?
A. Glycolysis B. Respiration
C. Photosynthesis D. Kreb's cycle

9.  Net yield of H2O in Photosynthesis is
A. 1 molecule B. 6 molecules
C. 3 molecules D. 0 molecule

10.  The point at which there is no net exchange of gases between leaves and atmosphere is known as
A. Neutral point B. Compensation point
C. Parallel point D. Competitive point

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