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1.  Central Seed Testing Laboratory is situated at ________
A. Lahore B. Karachi
C. Peshawar D. Islamabad

2.  DAP, CAN and NP is variety of _________
A. Rice B. Wheat
C. Fertilizers D. Cotton

3.  Margalla-99 is a variety of which crop?
A. Wheat B. Rice
C. Cotton D. Bajra

4.  Wheat is placed in:
A. Creals B. Fiber
C. Legumes D. None of these

5.  BS-Iand B-557 are the varieties of:
A. Rice B. Wheat
C. Maize D. Cotton

6.  Irri-9 is a variety of:
A. Wheat B. Rice
C. Sugarcane D. Cotton

7.  Sultan Zard is a variety of:
A. Maize B. Rice
C. Wheat D. Cotton

8.  COJ-84 is variety of:
A. Sugarcane B. Beet
C. Rice D. Cotton

9.  Balkhi and Kajli are the breeds of:
A. Goat B. Sheet
C. Cow D. Baffalo

10.  Dajal is a breed of:
A. Cow B. Buffalo
C. Sheep D. Goat

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