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11.  Initial seed of an improved variety is called:
A. Nucleus seed B. Breeder seed
C. Foundation seed D. Certified seed

12.  Physical purity of 95% is permissible for the foundation and certified seed of:
A. Soya bean B. Groundnut
C. Spinach D. Carrot

13.  Physical purity, is permissible (98%) in the crop:
A. Groundnut B. Rice
C. Soya bean D. Spinach

14.  Plant Breeders' Rights are operaating in:
A. Germany B. Denmark
C. Netherlands D. All of the above

15.  Production of breeder seed in cotton requires an isolation distance of:
A. 20 metres B. 30 metres
C. 50 metres D. 75 metres

16.  Progeny of a nucleus seed is referred to as:
A. Certified seed B. Foundation seed
C. Registered seed D. Breeder seed

17.  Seed certification requires:
A. An improved variety B. Genetic purity
C. Physical purity D. All of the above

18.  Seed meant for generation distribution to the farmers for commercial crop production refers to:
A. Foundation seed B. Breeder seed
C. Certified seed D. Nucleus seed

19.  The recommended ratio of male rows to female rows is in hybrid bajra production:
A. 2 to 4 B. 1 to 2
C. 4 to 8 D. 3 to 6

20.  Freedom from inert matter and defective seeds:
A. Genetic purity B. Physical purity
C. Defective purity D. Normal purity

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