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1.  _______ has been recommended for the control of weed in blackgram:
A. Atrazine 0.5 kg/ha B. 2, 4-D 0.75 kg/ha
C. Fluchloralin 0.75 kg/ha D. Simazine 0.5 kg/ha

2.  _______ comprises important mechanisms of herbicide detoxification in soil under field conditions especially surface incorporation subsequent to rainfall or irrigation:
A. Thermo decomposition B. Blodecomposition
C. Chemodecomposition D. Photodecomposition

3.  _______is considered to be most important of the soil organisms bringing about the conversion of NH4+ to NO2-
A. Nitrosomonas B. Nitrobacter
C. Azotobacter D. Azospirillum

4.  _______ is probably the most important growth limiting factor in acid soils especially those having pH below 5.0 - S.S:
A. Nitogen B. Calcium
C. Potassium D. Sluminium

5.  _______ of the NH4+ in a region of alkaline microsite helps to restore the conditions suitable for the normal conversion of NO2- to NO3-
A. Diffusion B. Dilution
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

6.  _______ degradation plays a major role in the persistence and behaviour of herbicides in the soil:
A. Microbial B. Physical
C. Chemical D. Thermal

7.  ________ generally augments the utilization of phosphorus which is water soluble:
A. Broadcast B. Broadcast and incorporation
C. Band placement D. None of these

8.  ______ in 1909 developed an equation that related growth to the supply of plant nutrients:
A. V.J. Kilmer B. R.B. McKercher
C. J.W.Friedrich D. E.A.Mitscherlich

9.  ______ ion effect represents the effect of adsorbed ion on the release of another from the surface of a colloid:
A. Supplementary B. Complementary
C. Coordinated D. Integrated

10.  _______ a.i./ha has been recommended for the control of weeds in mungbean:
A. Basalin @ 1 kg B. 2, 4-D @ 1 litre
C. Simazine @ 1 kg D. Atrazine @ 1 kg

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